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Handling incomplete files with Agent (written by paulus) Top

This method has been tested and verified using the following programs:

Agent Version 1.91/32.564
yENC32 V1.0.6.206
QuickPar 0.7.5

Agent steps Top

If you have a joined message which is missing some parts, do the following:

(eg if it says: "[This is a multi-part message, of which only xxx of xxxxx parts are available.] [These
parts are unavailable: xx, xx]")
then do the following:

Select the incomplete message showing that little page icon with the bottom left quarter missing.

(Agent will highlight the message in blue.)

Sort out the message by subject.

(This will put the messages in sequence order for ease of use.)

Split the message by going to the "message" menu and choosing "split sections".

(Agent will take a few seconds and then split the message into its parts.)

You'll notice that the parts end in "xx/xx", such as "(01/20)" "(02/20)" etc...
select all available parts that you see for that message.

(You might see that one of the numbers in sequence is missing... no problem - it was incomplete before it
was split anyway.)

Download all those parts that you see.

Once you have them, select them all, and click on the "file" menu, and choose "save message as...".

(This brings up a saving dialogue box with various tickboxes and settings.)

Type a word where it says "file name" (eg, if the file you are downloading is called "movie 2.rar" just
type in something like "movie".

- choose "text files (*.txt) where it says "save as type"
- make sure that "append to existing file" is unticked
- make sure that "save raw (unformatted) message is ticked
- choose "UNIX message file" as the "File Format"
- choose "All Fields" in the "Header Fields to Include" section

Now browse to a new, empty folder, & save those items there using the settings above.

(Agent will now save each message part in turn, and you'll probably end up with 1 big file.)

yEnc32 steps Top

Once finished, go to http://www.yenc32.com/download.php and install the free yenc32 decoder.

(Install it with the default settings for now - you can always change it later.)

Run the yenc 32 program.

(This will bring up the main window of the yenc 32 program.)

Within this program, click on the "file" menu and choose "Decode Files...".

(This brings up a dialog box asking you to specify which files you want it to decode.)

Before you go any further, change the "Files of Type" so that it shows "All Files (*.*)".

(This will make sure that later on we can see the files we want.)

Now browse to the folder containing the file(s) which you saved earlier when you were using Agent.

If you see 1 file there, select it and click "open". If you see multiple files, select them all and then
click "open".

(Another dialog window pops up, which is also called "decode files"...here you can see the list of file(s)
that you selected.)

Click on the "..." button where is says "Out Folder-Save files to folder", and now browse to the same
folder which contains the file(s) you just chose. Select that folder, & then press ok.

(This just selects the output folder, so that the decoded file(s) will be saved in the same folder.)

Now look at the "Options" section, and do the following:
- tick the box that says "Auto-sort file list etc"
- make sure the "remove encoded files after decoding" box is unticked. (if its ticked, it will delete the
encoded file afterwards, but it is better to do that manually by your self if everything works fine)

Now press "OK".

(yenc32 will now start decoding each message part.)

Once it's finished decoding, (this might take a few minutes), close it down.

QuickPar steps Top
Run the par2 file from the complete attachments that you were able to fully obtain and save when you were
using agent.

(After quickpar has finished scanning the files, it will say something like "need 30 more blocks".)

Now click the "add" button (which is next to the percentage % bar).

Browse to the folder that contains the decoded file(s) that you saved when you were using yenc32)

Select the file(s) there that were decoded. (if you are not sure which files are the encoded ones and
which ones are the decoded files, just select them all).

Now click on the "open" button.

(Quickpar will scan the decoded file(s) and will find some more blocks for you. the message might now say
"need 2 more blocks".)

Now you only need that number of blocks to complete the set, and you wont have to download huge files
anymore...close quickpar, go back to agent, and just look for a message from the same posting set that
contains a "....+2.par2" in the filename. download that, save it in the same folder as the other par2 files
of that set, and then run it. Quickpar will now find all the blocks for you, and then you can simply click
the "REPAIR" button to recover all the missing files!! ;o)

Copyright © 2015 Peter B. Clements. All Rights Reserved.